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Baseball America releases 2010 Recruting Class Rankings

AustinMaddoxBaseballAmerica Baseball America has put out their incoming 2010 Recruiting Class Rankings which are led by the University of Florida. Stanford comes in at the runner up spot with Arizona State, TCU, and Cal-State Fullerton completing the Top 5.

Baseball America college writer Aaron Fitt held a chat to discuss the rankings in which you can check out by clicking here. He also talks about some of the other teams which are under the radar and their classes have the possibility of exploding over the next few years into being a talented class. You can check out that article by clicking here. The full Top 25 is listed below.

2010 Baseball America’s Top 25 Recruiting Classes

1. Florida

2. Stanford

3. Arizona State

4. Texas Christian

5. Cal State Fullerton

6. Texas

7. North Carolina

8. Mississippi State

9. Virginia

10. Central Florida

11. North Carolina State

12. Mississippi

13. Vanderbilt

14. Tennessee

15. Kentucky

16. Oklahoma

17. Miami

18. Michigan

19. UCLA

20. Clemson

21. Rice

22. Oregon State

23. Missouri

24. Oregon

25. Louisville

  • Scott

    It is kind of surprising after a national title to not see LSU anywhere in the top 25, and it sounds like BA didn’t even have them in the top 30. With the success the fairly new staff has had there, and the proof now in the title, you would think kids would be going en masse to play at great facilities in front of a good fan base.

  • waltgreenberg

    Scott, LSU lost three of their top four recruits to the draft, including two at the eleventh hour of deadline day.

    Also, I think you’ll notice some very significant differences between BA’s ranking and Collegiate Baseball’s, which was released last month.

  • Scott

    Walt, I know your point, but isn’t that a reality of all college baseball that teams have to accept? UNC lost Tate and Jacob Turner, as well as two other solid recruits, as still has a pretty solid class with Goodwin as the headliner. Texas lost Everett Williams, Colton Cain, and Jacob Cowan. Both those programs still merited top 10 in the BA. I won’t feign to have seen many of the kids LSU brought in, but not many of them pop off the page. So I guess maybe the better question is, how could two different sources have it so differently? That is the one difference in the two that is most stark. Dare I ask which publication we cast or lot of faith with?

  • geoff standridge

    this recruiting arrangement is bs arkansas has the 5 number one guys out of louisiana colorado oklahoma missori and texas and if that isnt number one then i guess i dont know college baseball

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