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KR: Checks in on Pac-10

Pac-10Conference Kendall Rogers of continues his series of articles on conferences across the country heading into Fall Practice. Today, he checks in on the Pac-10 conference which he states is looking to rebuild after Arizona State made the College World Series last season. After the Sun Devils, there was a significant drop-off in the conference with Washington State coming in second place.

You can check out his full article by clicking here.

  • Scott

    UCLA should be a guarantee for the Pac-10 title, but their previous experience with talent and expectations just makes one hesitate to think they can do it. Cole had some good results for team USA this summer, but he was also pretty wild (10 walks, 7 HBP in 34 innings is a little scary). While I would never question Mike Gallego’s progeny (I loved that guy when he was with Oakland), I am not sure that Niko is going to be a highly productive offensive player. Dunlap has got to raise his BA and try to lead this offense, which he has shown flashes of in the past.

  • I think Arizona State wins the PAC-10 this year under Coach Murphy. I know they lost Holliday but Murphy has always been able to find young passionate assistants.

  • Scott

    I think ASU does take it, and Spence takes a big step up. Agreed that Murphy seems to find or make good assistants. It would have been interesting to see what Oregon would have done if Matzek had made it to campus. I don’t think they would have won conference, but they would have been throwing a strong rotation for such a young program. As it is, I think they move up two spots this year and begin to make some more noise in weekend series.

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