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KR: Down year in the Big 12?

ConnorRoweCameronRuppCWS Kendall Rogers continues his series of conference reports heading into Fall Practice with the Big 12. He states that the Big 12 on paper is slightly down from where they have been in the past couple of years but as I always say when the pedal gets to the metal in February we will see how strong the Big 12 actually is.

You can check out his full article by clicking here.


  • Scott

    I concur that Nebraska and Texas A&M will have some work to do in the fall, but Jamieson keeps finding ways to win. Last year, they got done in by some horrible pitching performances, Gibson included. Baylor will not be as good as last year, but they might not have to be in order to have more success this year. I think not having Volz might be good actually, as he was a mirage as an ace last year. Hopefully, Tolleson is able to make the jump into the Friday starter spot.

    • It should be fun…I think the Big West is going to be real interesting this year.

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