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KR: Teams in ACC looking to turn the Corner

TylerHolt Kendall Rogers of recently put out an article about each ACC program and what to watch for during fall workouts. Some of the stories are Mickey Wiswall having to step up at Boston College, Duke looking to replace Nate Frieman and Alex Hassan, and many others.

You can check out the full article by clicking here.


  • Scott

    Virginia made clear strides through the ACC tournament last year, so I can’t see how they can’t be favored to win the conference and make a trip to Omaha. UNC might have to take a year off from Omaha to let their younger players develop and remake their pitching staff. Duke will take a step back and Va. Tech will step into their spot in the tournament. I can’t see NC State, Wake Forest, or Maryland making their way into the ACC tournament for the next 2-3 years.

  • There is alot of question marks in the ACC after Virginia. I am still not sold on the FSU pitching staff and Miami lost a ton from a team that was middle of the road for them. I could go on and on….You will have to wait for the ACC Preview that will be coming out in the next few months.

  • Scott

    Agreed. But I don’t see many teams across the nation who go into the season with a great amount of experience or proven talent. Texas probably has the best situation in regards to returnees, with LSU losing a good deal of offense. While Virginia has the edge, I think FSU has a lot more going for it in regards to making it to Omaha than any of the 8 teams that made it last year. Inconsistent pitching should grow into steady pitching under Mike Martin. I think FSU and UVA make it to Omaha and both make good runs. UNC probably makes it to a super-regional and loses in three (yes, this way far out from June 2010)

  • I haven’t even started looking in depth yet for 2010 but I was shocked when I read Kendall’s comments on Miami. I had a chance to see them last season and was less then impressed by their talent. There is just way too much question marks with them.

    Arkansas and Arizona State should be strong next year also.

  • Scott

    Yeah, the national title contender remark was out of left field when he had just stated that it would be tough for them to lose half of their line-up. Hernandez has potential, but the rest seem to be at a lower level. Their recruiting class doesn’t seem to be that great that they can bridge their gaps.

  • Marcus

    I hope the ACC can do well this season, they haven’t done well for quite some time. I hope that they condition better and get some better coaches in there to make things better.

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