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KR’s programs to follow

JaredMitchellLSUPHOTO Kendall Rogers of recently has been checking in on some programs which have some major holes to fill while other programs are looking to just fill in minor holes here and there as they looks to make a run to the College World Series. One example of a program facing some major holes to fill is LSU who lost number 1 starter Louis Coleman, first round pick Jared Mitchell, DJ LeMahieu, Ryan Schimpf, and Sean Ochinko to just name a few. On the other hand, he names the Virginia Cavaliers as a program who doesn’t have too many holes to fill as their only three key losses were Robert Poutier, Andrew Carraway, and Matt Packer who were not top of the rotation pitchers this past season.

Several name programs have huge holes to fill

Expected contenders have few holes to fill


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