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Texas A&M CC Field Improvements


TexasAMCC The baseball and softball fields at the Chapman Field complex are getting a makeover as the backstops and dugouts are being remodeled to upgrade the facilities.  The removal of the current structures began on Monday as contractors began disassembling the baseball side first.

The entire process will take roughly two weeks from start to finish and will see the current chain link fencing on the backstops and dugouts come down while being replaced with brick dugouts and wall comprising the backstop.  The fence will be replaced by netting that will allow a better view of the action as current support poles will be removed in favor of the net.

Both softball and baseball will get the changes as softball head coach Jake Schumann and baseball head coach Scott Malone see their efforts come to fruition as the first step in the larger process of building their program begins.

"It’s been two years in the making as we have been trying to get some major improvements done at Chapman Field," said Malone. "It’s real exciting with all of our new players starting to trickle in and guys being able to see the construction that is starting to happen.

Schumann echoed the sentiments of Malone as he sees his programs infrastructure improve as a new year begins.

"This is big for our program to have new dugouts and a fan friendly backstop for fans to enjoy the game without the fence obstructing their view," said Schumann. "This will upgrade our program and help us out in recruiting."

For each coach, they are starting to see the payoff in their tireless efforts to improve facilities at their respective fields.

"For the last two years it has always been a conversation, it’s been a plan, it’s been somebody’s great idea," said Malone. "It’s an exciting time and hopefully it’s just one small step in the improvement of our program."

"Coach Malone and I have been working on this project for two years," said Schumann. "We were finally able to get it started and it will be a benefit to both programs as well as the university."

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