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The University of Texas 2010 Baseball Schedule

The University of Texas has put the final touches on their 2010 schedule. With the season starting on February 19th and ending the weekend before Memorial Day, this gives teams 14 weeks to play  a 56 game schedule. Texas will play 52 games in 2010, including 34 home contests. They start out the season with New Mexico State on opening weekend, followed by a visit from Stanford the following weekend. Afterward, Texas will travel to Houston, Texas for the Houston College Classic where they will be joined by Houston, Rice, Missouri, Texas Tech, and Texas Christian.

Texas will open with conference play against Nebraska, and will end the season on the road against Missouri.

Longhorn 2010 Schedule

  • William Knox

    Why is Texas playing “Iowa State” in March? Did I miss something?

  • That is a Typo< as you know Iowa State does not even field a team- Texas will be playing Iowa that weekend not Iowa State.

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