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Kendall’s Biggest Surprises of MLB Signing Day

raley-300x199 Kendall Rogers of has put out his biggest surprises from the MLB signing deadline on Monday evening. His two biggest surprises that signed are Texas A&M two-way player Brooks Raley and Rice RHP Ryan Berry. Each of them fought through issues during the 2009 season with Raley tiring at the end of the season while Berry was injured during the season which dropped his stock. He also goes over some of the biggest surprises that came back to school with LSU’s Blake Dean and Arizona State’s Josh Spence.

He also discusses some of the other surprises that you can check out by clicking here.

  • Better for Berry to go pro now than risk Graham killing his arm. Same thing happened with Ojala.

  • alohaball

    From a non-baseball perspective, I will miss seeing Ryan Berry on the mound. He’s got ‘IT’.

  • I always found it funny that Berry would wear like 80’s style glasses on the mound. Very rare to see any athletes wearing glasses now.

  • alohaball

    Athletes who wear prescription glasses are ‘HOT!’.

  • waltgreenberg

    Will you guys stop with the Wayne Graham “killing arms” argument. It is not only old, but has not been true since the early part of the decade. Over the past 5 – 6 years, since the 2004 season, not a single Rice starter has ever thrown more than 115 pitches in a game (or over any one week period), and I’m willing the bet than there as been no more than a handful of occassions over this period when a starter has gone more than 110 pitches in a game. To keep using Coach Graham as the poster child for killing arms is grossly unfair, as there are many, many other college coaches (e.g., Garrido, Marquess, Horton, Tanner) who were even more guilty in the past with regards to abusing college pitchers, and who continue to abuse pitchers today. Are the Yankees going to blame Coach Graham for their 3rd round pick in last year’s draft (Brett Marshall) needing TJS this year because he had conversations with Graham and committed to Rice? As for Ojala, how the heck was he abused by Graham? I think he went into the 8th inning of all of one game in his
    Rice career, and never threw more than 105 pitches in a single outing. BTW, Ojala will be returning for his senior season and is well ahead of schedule in his rehab, and could be back as early as next April.

    Berry really was not that big of a surprise given that he received the 3rd round money he was seeking ($400+K), and was allowed the flexibility to return to campus this Fall to finish up his engineering degree. He’s already back on campus this week. Seems to me he got his cake and is eating it, too.

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