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Lost in the Shuffle: Ackley signs with Seattle

dustinackley Dustin Ackley and the Seattle Mariners came to terms on Monday evening on a five year $7.5 million deal but it was lost in the wake of the Stephen Strasburg deal. The Mariners were burning the midnight oil as they beat the deadline by 15 minutes. I personally had a chance to see him play in over 10 games during his college days and was thoroughly impressed with his hitting. Dustin also has a great attitude and should be able to handle the off the field pressures of being the number two selection in the draft. He is not as fast but still runs well so in my opinion he will be an excellent number two hitter. The only question is: Where will the Mariners play him? Second base? Centerfield? I have heard many different things and we should see what Seattle does over the next couple of years with him.

You can check out a full article by Jim Street and video by clicking here.

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