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Sierra Baseball League Report

Stockton Glory Katie Dowd who contributes to The College Baseball blog on occasion recently checked out a game in the Sierra Baseball League. Wait, you have never heard of the Sierra Baseball League? It was founded in 2007 by Stevie Mac and the commissioner of the league is Phil Swimley who won over 900 games as a collegiate coach. The game that Katie attended featured the Stockton Glory taking on the hometown San Jose Seals at Evans Diamond which serves as the home of the Cal Bears.

She says in the article the following:

It was one of the best sporting events I’ve ever been to.

I felt like I was watching a group of neighborhood kids banding together for an impromptu game in the street before they ran home to happy, suburban dinners. Maybe it was because they were so ragtag-their sizes ranged from big, pudgy schoolyard bully to tiny kid picked last in gym class.

You can check out her full article by clicking here.

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