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America’s Best Baseball Schools Rebuttal

Former ASU star Dustin Pedroia

Former ASU star Dustin Pedroia

I recently posted an article from the Wall Street Journal which looked at the best baseball schools in the country. (Click here if you missed it.) I didn’t recognize it when I posted the article but it fails to mention Arizona State which has been a perennial power in the CWS and also putting players in MLB. One of our readers sent me the following letter about Arizona State not being included.

With respect to the article, “Best Baseball Schools”, I have one question — are you kidding me?

Not a single mention of Arizona State University. The university that produced the reigning AL MVP and the 2007 Rookie of the Year — Dustin Pedroia; one of the AL’s top players — Ian Kinsler; the Dodgers’ outfielder Andre Either; the Detroit Tigers’ Jeff Larish; the Baltimore Orioles’ Dennis Sarfate; the KC Royals’ Willie Bloomquist not to mention up and coming players such as the St. Louis Cardinals’ Brett Wallace and the NY Mets’ Ike Davis.

The university that had 15, FIFTEEN players selected in last year’s draft, three players taken in the first three rounds this year, including the number 8 pick overall — Mike Leake (who is one of 5 finalists for the Golden Spikes award and already has been awarded the Academic All-America Student Athlete of the Year). And not a single mention?

The same university that produced the greatest hitter/slugger of all time — Barry Bonds? Still no mention?

I see the author found time to mention Stanford University and their 70 players that have crossed the threshold to play in MLB, but that pales in comparison to the 90 players from Arizona State University.

And this year, ASU continued to contribute to the league with the addition of the first Asian American Manager — Don Wakamatsu.

Again I ask, are you kidding me?

Go Devils!
TerryLee Tyrrell

Excellent points by TerryLee and I agree with everything that she says in the letter. What do you think? Should Arizona State been included in the article?

  • jbbaseball

    You bring up great points in your rebuttal. But I’m curious…….did you send your rebuttal to the author of the original article and/or WSJ?

    If not, I suggest you do. I would be interested to see if either party would care to comment on your very valid points!

    Good job!

  • She did send it to them….They didn’t put it in the WSJ so I decided to post it.

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