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Golden Spikes is better than the Heisman?

GoldenSpikesThe Wall Street Journal has an interesting article about the success rate of players who win the Golden Spikes Award being more successful than players that win the Heisman Trophy Award. I think the reason behind this is that the best players in College Football do not fit the “system” at the next level being the NFL. In baseball, it is much different in that the best player in college is likely going to be able to hit/pitch in the MLB because the talent transfers over easier to the pro game. You can check out the full article by the Wall Street Journal by clicking here.

  • alohaball

    The article stated that lately the Heisman committee has been enamored of quarterbacks. Stats have shown that for a college quarterback to succeed at the next level, i.e. the NFL, the 40/60 formula comes into effect.

    College quarterbacks who START AT LEAST 40 games in their career AND have a passing completion percentage of AT LEAST 60% usually fare well in the NFL. I looked up the stats of the 3 qbs mentioned in the article and this is what I found:

    Eric Crouch: 38 game starts/51.5% completion
    Jason White: 26 game starts/63.4 % completion
    Chris Weinke: Couldn’t find specific starts, however, he played 3 years = 36 games max/54.4% completion

    Although there are many other factors which come into play, this telling stat (40/60) indicates that these 3 qbs would probably not meet with success in the NFL. Of course, there are exceptions to every rule, but these 3 seem to drive home the theory.

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