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Bryce Harper: Should He Stay Or Should He Go?

bryceharper_siThe hot topic of the week in baseball is the decision of Las Vegas high school phenom and SI annointed ‘Chosen One’ Bryce Harper and his parents to have Bryce skip the final two years of high school to focus on his baseball career. Bryce’s plan is to earn his GED and then enroll in community college thereby enabling him to become draft eligible for next year’s MLB Draft. Good idea? Bad idea? Decide for yourself. Here’s what a few prominent voices around the web have to say.

Big League Stew
Dan Shanoff
The Big Lead
Jeff Pearlman

The opinion of this blogger? I sure hope his parents know what they’re doing. Listening to sports talk radio on the drive into work this morning, former major leaguer Rob Dibble was a guest on the Steve Czaban show and when asked about Harper’s decision, Dibble just chuckled. He used the same quote for Harper’s decision as he used when he was asked about everyone fawning over No. 1 draft pick Stephen Strasburg. “It’s not as easy as it looks.”

I can’t imagine that Harper, even when he does get drafted next season, will sniff the majors before he turns 18, 19 or even 20 years old. The argument is pro football is that the physical maturity isn’t there for kids who are in high school, freshman and sophomore year of college football to compete with the pros. One would think the same could be said for most baseball players as well. Even though I’m not in favor of Harper’s decision, I’m not necessarily against it. In the end it’s Bryce and his parents that have to be 100% at peace with the decision they’re making. Hopefully for his sake it’s the correct one.

What do you think? Leave your comments below.

  • The system is broke if a kid is quitting high school to enter the baseball draft. If this was the NBA it would be a much bigger story you know that.

  • alohaball

    So they found a way to beat the system? Sure, the dad says it was Bryce’s decision and idea to go for his GED…where does parenting come in? High school isn’t just to get a diploma, it’s the life experience, the proms, the friendships. If it were my kid, no way. Not even a discussion.

    Will he succeed? Hopefully, for his sake, yes.
    But I think SI already gave us the answer. He’s on their cover. SI Cover Jinx.

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