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The first day of my trip to Omaha is coming to the end. The day started out on a Northwest Airlines flight early in the morning from Providence RI to Detroit MI. The flight to Detroit was non-eventful with nothing great happening. After landing in Detroit we picked up a connecting flight to Omaha. This is where the real fun started. There was a bunch of young kids on the flight coming back from Disney World and made the flight an absolute pain for me as I tend to sleep on flights plus I was even more tired by getting up at 5 am eastern time. Anyways, I didn’t end up duct taping the kids mouths shut on the flight like Sarah from Note to Self said I should do.

The next interesting thing was at the Omaha Airport where we went to pick up our rental car from Thrifty but they told me that they needed a credit card instead of the usual CBB debit card we use. Who actually uses a freaking real credit card now?? I have used my debit card many of times on College Baseball and College Football trips over the last few years.

By the time we landed and got to our hotel room we were not able to get to Rosenblatt for the press conferences so we decided to head out to The Drover on the recommendations of Mark Etheridge of and Kendall Rogers of The food was decent but wasn’t really worth the money tonight in my honest opinion. I guess I just had a bad piece of meat. I guess the rest of the week will see me having some great press food and maybe a trip to Zestos.

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