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2009 Super Regional Predictions


The College Baseball Blog writers have all put together their predictions for the 2009 Super Regionals.  You can also particpate by putting your predictions for this round of action in the comment section below and we might be able to secure a few prizes for the top predictions so please leave your email address. 

Austin Super Regional

Brian’s Pick- TCU 2-1
Colin’s Pick- Texas 2-1
Donald’s Pick- Texas 2-1
Bryan’s Pick- TCU
Mark’s Pick- Texas
Sam’s Pick- Texas

Baton Rouge Super Regional

Brian’s Pick- LSU 2-1
Colin’s Pick- LSU 2-1
Donald’s Pick- Rice 2-1
Bryan’s Pick- LSU
Mark’s Pick- LSU
Sam’s Pick- Rice

Chapel Hill Super Regional

Brian’s Pick- UNC 2-1
Colin’s Pick- UNC 2-0
Donald’s Pick- UNC 2-0
Bryan’s Pick-UNC
Mark’s Pick- UNC
Sam’ Pick- UNC

Fullerton Super Regional

Brian’s Pick: Cal-State Fullerton 2-1
Colin’s Pick: Cal-State Fullerton 2-0
Donald’s Pick: Cal-State Fullerton 2-1
Bryan’s Pick: Cal-State Fullerton
Mark’s Pick: Cal-State Fullerton
Sam’s Pick: Cal-State Fullerton

Gainesville Super Regional

Brian’s Pick- Florida 2-0
Colin’s Pick- Florida 2-0
Donald’s Pick- Florida 2-1
Eli’s Pick- Florida 2-0
Bryan’s Pick- Florida
Mark’s Pick- Florida
Sam’s Pick- Florida

Oxford Super Regional

Brian’s Pick- Virginia 2-1
Colin’s Pick- Ole Miss 2-1
Donald’s Pick- Virginia 2-1
Bryan’s Pick- Virginia
Mark’s Pick- Virginia
Sam’s Pick- Virginia

Tallahassee Super Regional

Brian’s Pick- FSU 2-1
Colin’s Pick- FSU 2-1
Donald’s Pick- FSU 2-1
Bryan’s Pick- FSU
Mark’s Pick- FSU
Sam’s Pick- FSU

Tempe Super Regional

Brian’s Pick- Clemson 2-1
Colin’s Pick- ASU 2-1
Donald’s Pick- ASU 2-0
Bryan’s Pick- ASU
Mark’s Pick- ASU
Sam’s Pick- ASU

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