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NCAA not following Court Order

Keith Law of ESPN has an excellent article about the NCAA not following a court order that came in the Andrew Oliver case a few weeks ago. The court ruled back in February that agents could represent student-athletes during negotiations with MLB clubs. The NCAA has not been following these rules by passing out information which is below and could be held in contempt of court:

8. Is my advisor allowed to speak with teams on my behalf?
NO. You cannot allow your advisor to have conversations with MLB clubs on your behalf. This means This means that your advisor cannot discuss your draft status with any club. Your advisor cannot discuss your signability with any club. You advisor cannot arrange tryouts for you with any club. Your advisor cannot speak with any club on your behalf for any reason. Also, keep in mind that it is likely that you will have to accept responsibility for the actions your advisor takes on your behalf. It is not sufficient to simply state that you did not know what your advisor had done for you.

You can check out a very detailed article about this by clicking here.

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