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NCAA Regional Projections (April 9)

For the second straight week, Cal State Fullerton takes the top overall seed in the CBB Regional Projections.  The Titans had a tough week splitting a mid-week series with Arizona State and losing a hard-fought weekend series to UC Irvine 2 games to 1. 

Arkansas moves into the number two seed position.  The Razorbacks are sitting atop the SEC standings with a 10-2 record and are currently 6-1 against the RPI top-25.

A new face to the national seeds is UC Irvine.  The Anteaters picked up a big series win against Cal State Fullerton last weekend and are currently leading the Big West standings.  Their 8-3 mark against the RPI top-25 is equally impressive.

Other national seeds are: North Carolina, Rice, Miami (FL), LSU, and Georgia Tech.

There is an interesting development in Hawaii.  The Warriors not only have a resume worthy of hosting, but they also have an argument for national seed consideration.  The questions is: Would the committee allow them to host, or will they view it as it’s easier to make Hawaii travel to the mainland than three teams fly to the islands?  I’m inclined to believe the committee would have the Warriors travel to the West Coast for a series, and that’s why we have Hawaii as a 1 seed at the San Diego State Regional this week.


1. Cal State Fullerton (1)

2. BYU

3. Washington State

4. Dartmouth *


1. Hawaii *

2. San Diego State (host) *

3. UC Santa Barbara

4. Manhattan *


1. Arkansas (2) *

2. Oregon State

3. Kansas State

4. Kent State *


1. Oklahoma State

2. Minnesota

3. Kentucky

4. Missouri State *


1. North Carolina (3)

2. Ohio State

3. College of Charleston

4. Binghamton *


1. Oklahoma *

2. UC Riverside

3. Boston College

4. Illinois *


1. Rice (4)

2. Texas A&M

3. Middle Tennessee State

4. Illinois-Chicago *


1. Baylor

2. Ole Miss

3. Rhode Island

4. Temple *


1. Miami (FL) (5)

2. East Carolina *

3. Florida

4. Bethune-Cookman *


1. TCU

2. Texas

3. Oral Roberts *

4. Liberty *


1. LSU (6)

2. Florida State

3. Southeastern Louisiana *

4. Southern *


1. Virginia

2. Coastal Carolina

3. Auburn

4. West Virginia *


1. UC Irvine (7) *

2. San Diego *

3. California

4. Mount St. Mary’s *


1. Arizona State *

2. Cal Poly

3. Eastern Illinois *

4. Holy Cross *


1. Georgia Tech (8) *

2. South Carolina

3. Western Kentucky *

4. Kennesaw State *


1. Georgia

2. Clemson

3. Elon *

4. George Mason *

Last 5 in: Middle Tennessee State, Boston College, Washington State, Kentucky, and Rhode Island

Others considered: Georgia Southern, Western Carolina, New Mexico, Alabama, Gonzaga

* denotes auto-bid (taken from current conference standings)

(#) denotes national seed

Projections are through games as of Tuesday, April 7.

  • ryrosenblatt

    It’s unfortunate that Hawaii will have to travel as a #1 seed, but there’s no way the NCAA will make three teams pay to fly out to Hawaii. Their comments prior to the season about keeping the postseason more regional to cut costs in light on the recession only confirms that Hawaii will be unfairly shipped to the west coast.

  • It should be real interesting to see what happens with the Warriors.

  • bceagle76

    How about adding last 4 in last 4 out.

  • Colin Weber

    Last 5 in would be: Middle Tennessee State, Boston College, Washington State, Kentucky, and Rhode Island

    The next 5 out are listed as “Others Considered” under the table.

  • bozar

    I’m looking at the PAC10 standings and wondering how Cal and Washington State can be considered. ASU and OSU I have no problem. Other than that, it’s a case of rounding up the usual suspects. There are too many worthy programs that get ignored in the west, almost too many to be mentioned. Many of the midwestern and eastern teams I’ve never heard of but I suspect they’re good as I can comment only on the west in general and the WAC in particular. The WAC is a dogfight at this point and Hawaii is good but may end up with nothing when all is said and done.

  • Colin Weber

    Last week, when these projections came out, both Cal and Washington State had deserving resumes.

    Cal had an RPI of 36, and ISR of 28, and the 2nd strongest schedule in the country. They had 10 top 100 wins as well.

    Washington State was one of the last five in the field. They had an RPI of 47, ISR of 33, and the 5th strongest schedule in the nation. They had 6 wins against the RPI top 50 and 11 against the top 100.

    Obviously neither team made the April 16th Regional Projections because of their recent skids, bringing them to losing records on the year.

    There is extensive research put into each week’s projections, with each team’s RPI, ISR, SOS, record v. top 25, v. top 50, and v. top 100 all compared.

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