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UMass cuts Baseball

I have confirmed through various sources that UMass-Amherst will likely cut the baseball program at the end of the year. The other UMass schools in Lowell, Dartmouth, and Boston are currently safe though but that could change.

UMass will join Northern Iowa and Vermont to recently announce that they are dropping the sport. The only New England public universities that will sponsor the sport are Maine, UConn, and Rhode Island after this year. New Hampshire dropped baseball back in 1997 while Vermont is dropping the sport after this season.

What do you think of the future of College Baseball especially in the Northeast?

  • bceagle76

    This is very sad news
    I dont think it will effect the private schools
    But Umass is paying $200k pensions to former employees
    But they screw the students.
    Devall hirs a$400k worth of the hacks in last 2 weeks
    but put the screws to about 70 students with droping of baseball and womens swimming.

  • In the long term, college baseball will be fine, but the pertinent question is, at what level?

    We have a natural expectation that baseball is a bigger sport than lacrosse, wrestling, cross-country, etc. The bean counters don’t always see it that way. We might be seeing more pressure to cut the # of games, or shorten the season even further.

  • thegreatgatsby

    This may be a little forward but…beanpot? Currently BC, NU, Harvard and UMass. Without Umass? You would have to consider Holy Cross as they are the only other D1 baseball team in Mass. Not to mention they beat NU and Harvard last year in non-conference play.

  • I would expect Holy Cross to take that spot.

    I just got some more info that the programs at the other Umass schools are fine!

  • indieanna

    This is a crying shame.

  • HardNosed

    Ya this totally sucks. But in the long run I don’t think it will effect North Eastern baseball. However, with Vermont and UMass both cutting the program how will this effect recruiting for high school prospects in the next few years? I mean now there will be over 50 more D1 players looking for schools.

  • mainejeff

    Could be a recruiting bonanza for remaining New England programs like Maine, URI, Northeastern, Holy Cross, and UConn.

    Also……does anyone else find it pretty dumb that there are 14 D-1 baseball programs in tiny New England that play in 8 different conferences???

  • umassfan

    This is an absolute travesty! Baseball is the oldest sport (100 years) at Umass and has turned out the best product with the least amount of funding. The baseball budget is 180k which equates to 2 full scholarships. They compete against other Div 1 schools with 11 scholarships. In the late 90’s they won the Atlantic 10 3 times and qualified for the NCAA regionals twice. In 1996 they were ranked 19th in the country and took Florida to the finals in the southeast regional. Granted they don’t turn a profit but they also don’t lose money like football, hockey, and basketball. If the state wanted to cut the budget 24 million, how does cutting baseball acomplish that? What a shame to be so short sighted.

  • nansinquincy


    This is irresponsible journalism. The decision has not been made, and if it has you can bet the pressure will be on to change that decision. Umassfan is correct on every single fact they have listed. I should know as I played on 4 of those teams he mentioned, including 96.

    • According to my source,

      There is a last ditch effort from your fellow alums to pressure the administration to keep the team but I stand by my source.

  • eddie2129

    Nice sources Brian, you should really confirm your facts before coming out with something as serious as this. When is the last time you talked to the Chancellor? The program is in jeopardy but nothing is final. Umass Baseball will be stronger then ever after this cloud clears.

  • Colin Weber

    By stronger than ever, do you mean fan support will be more than the 99 people who showed up last May 6 when UMass played Northeastern, the 111 that showed up May 15 against Fordham, or the 92 who watched May 16 against Fordham?

    Look, I admire what Mike Stone is doing at UMass with his very limited funding, but to try to say that baseball is anything but an afterthought at UMass is not being honest.

    I have known Brian long enough to know that he wouldn’t publish some unsubstantiated rumor. Could the administration cave to the pressure and not eliminate baseball? Sure, but don’t jump on Brian for reporting what he is hearing from his sources who are close to the program.

  • eddie2129

    Colin – Dont start throwing attendance figures out here like they are suppossed to mean something. College baseball in New England is not about attendance and never will be. Although I will add if they had 92 people there against Fordham then things are looking up.
    Understanding that you are not close to the situation I will just ask that you stay tuned and support the large group of individuals that are proactiviely addressing this matter. If we are able to get through this on top I ask you to continue your interest in Umass Baseball and rest assured you will see what I mean about it being stronger then ever.

    Brian – I think the reason you are taking some flack here is because the situation is very sticky right now and nothing has been finalized. Please consider the Umass players who are currently practicing and playing who read your blog and these comments.

    • How about UMass only raising 25k over the last year for the new facility?

  • eddie2129

    Brian- The fundraising efforts have not begun yet, the 25K was required just to get the plans from the architect. That was completed.

  • All I am saying is that even hearing rumors about this is not good for the future of the program this year or in the future. I think UMass if they still have a program should put money into developing the team over worrying about a new facility. They are not even fully funded yet…Worry about that first before putting out over 2 million for a new stadium!

  • eddie2129

    “If you built it, they will come”

    Umass Baseball lives to fight another day. Stayed tuned Mr. Foley

    • Yep….I said my sources said UMass was going to cut the sport..I posted that it was Likely that they would cut it….Still there is some things that need to change at UMass and we can discuss it if you want…

  • nansinquincy


    I would like to say that I have enjoyed our spirited discussion regarding the Umass Baseball program. You were wrong about the final outcome in this case, but it is understood that you have raised very valid questions. Those involved know that the program needs to be funded correctly, and hopefully that happens moving forward.

    Thanks for covering the story, for being responsive to reader comments, and for being able to come clean when you were wrong about an outcome.


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