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CCBL All-Star Game at Fenway

Our good friends over at are reporting that the CCBL All-Star Game will be held at Fenway Park on July 23rd. This is an interesting move by The Cape Cod League as the All-Star game is always the top attended event on the Cape and the city of Boston very rarely supports college sports other then hockey. The Baseball Beanpot will take place on April 13th and rarely draws more then 500 people to the legendary ballpark. You can check out CodBall’s article by clicking here.

Do you think this is a good move by the Cape Cod League?

  • bignick33

    On a related note, BC has been promoting the Beanpot much more heavily that they have in past years. The athletic department sent an email to everyone on their mailing list, which I would imagine is a substantial number of people (football/basketball/hockey ticket holders, donors, students, etc). They are also advertising it extensively at the basketball and hockey games, which typically draw many more people than baseball games. Hopefully this will help the attendance; unfortunately the consolation begins at 2PM and the Championship begins at 5PM on a weekday, so it’s a tough time for non-students.

  • aped1611

    I’m not sure how I feel about this. On one hand it will certainly give the prospects greater exposure on a national level to media and scouts. But on the other hand its a break from tradition and I’m not sure how well attended the event will be by regular fans. I’m sure this will be an experiment and not an annual event unless its a huge success, which I don’t think it will be

  • I am against this as I rather go see these guys on the cape.

  • bceagle76

    Great Move
    Big thrill for them to play there

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