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BoydWorld’s Pitcher Abuse Points Report

Boyd’s World has done an excellent study on pitch counts for the 2008 season. He looked at every start from around the nation and figured out which schools treat their pitchers the best in terms of pitch counts while other schools abuse their pitchers with insane pitch counts. He ranks the pitchers individually for a start, a season and also as a team. For individual starts, he has North Dakota State’s Shane Bushland as the most abused pitcher in an 11.1 inning appearance where he threw 176 pitchers. Two Utah Valley State pitchers are second and third on the list with Marcus Moore throwing 164 pitches in eight innings while Bryan Smith threw 161 in a nine inning start.

He also looked at his most abused pitchers for the entire 2008 season and see that Utah Valley State’s Marcus Moore leads the country in Pitcher Abuse Points. The rest of the top five is rounded out by Miguel Parga from Florida A&M, Shane Bushland of North Dakota State, J.R. McAllister of Delaware State, and Alford Arnold of Savannah State.

The final thing he looked at was what schools abused their entire staff throughout the 2008 season. Of course, Utah Valley State leads the pack with Florida A&M, North Dakota State, Old Dominion, and Delaware State rounding out the Top 5. He lists Duke as the team with the least amount of pitching abuse points. The rest of the top five is rounded out by Creighton, UNC-Greensboro, Bowling Green, and UConn.

You can check out the full article with more details on how he figured out the abuse points by clicking here.

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