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Slow News Day

It is a slow news day around the College Baseball so I thought I would share with you a couple of articles written by Rivals writer Kendall Rogers. The first article is about new Kentucky head coach Gary Henderson. This move is not going to change the Wildcats program too much as Henderson was a long-time assistant in Lexington before getting the head job. (We wrote an article previewing the Wildcats which can be viewed here.) Kendall also has put out a mailbag about issues from around the country. He discusses which eight teams might make it back to Omaha in 2009 while talking about the top assistant coaches around the nation. The final article from Rivals is about some of the lower level coaches that are ready to move up to bigger programs. I really don’t like to see articles about this topic but it is interesting to get some discussion. Check out the links after the jumpBreaking in UK’s Gary Henderson
Coaches on Rogers Wishlist
Rivals Mailbag

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