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Random Thoughts on Nov. 18th

Dick Howser statue (CBB Photo)

I will check in throughout the year with some thoughts on issues or stories that have caught my attention over the last few days. We check in today on a Midnight Baseball game at Florida Gulf Coast, the best conference in the nation, and the facilities of FSU and Florida.

We came across the Florida Gulf Coast 2009 schedule last week which has a very interesting opening game on February 20th when Central Michigan opens up the season at 12:01 AM. They two teams will play later that evening at 8:00pm. Are we going to see more of this midnight madness in the coming years? I think it could be a great experience for the young men to play a midnight game. We know the students would be out in full force at that late hour on a Thursday night/early Friday morning.

Our good friend Kendall Rogers of Rivals recently put out an article saying that the SEC is the best conference in the nation. Some people think the PAC-10 is stronger but I agree with Kendall on his analysis as there are no gimme weekends in the SEC. You can check out his article by clicking here.

I briefly stopped by the Florida Gators and Florida State baseball facilities over the weekend as I was in the area for a football game. (Yes, I do watch other sports besides baseball.) Both schools have outstanding baseball facilities but nothing beats Dick Howser Stadium home of the Florida State Seminoles. The place is really a shrine for college baseball and the fans are some of the most passionate in the country.

The real question is why does Florida State not have a national championship yet? They have the best facility in the country (my opinion) or one of the top ones in the country. The best players in the country are banging down Mark Martin Sr. door to get in. Why do they make the tournament and flounder every year? Is it bad luck? Coaching? Comment below.

  • Service Man

    I think the midnight game is a great idea, it will bring out a big crowd from the student body. Baseball needs to be a little more creative when it comes to bringing out crowds and creating more interest.

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