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Pittsburgh Head coach Joe Jordano recaps Fall Ball

Head Coach Joe Jordano- University of Pittsburgh

Head Coach Joe Jordano- University of Pittsburgh


How do you feel about the fall and where your team now stands?

I was pleased with the progress of our team this fall. We had a few injuries that I am concerned about, but the majority of the fall was injury-free and productive. Our objectives this fall were clear and my staff and I felt very good about how we took to the style of play and the focus and intensity of the team was solid. We need to continue to improve in all areas – get stronger and quicker.

What is the most important factor now with three months before official practices begin?

The most important factor, I believe, is to utilize every day to improve in some aspect of the game. It is imperative that we stay healthy, get stronger and do well academically. We need every member of this team to be in a position to contribute this spring. The only way to get there is to do quality work now.

Who has emerged as the team leader?

There have been several players that have emerged as leaders. Quite frankly, the majority of our team members have solid leadership qualities. This is a team that has experienced some transition with our coaching staff and it has not missed a beat. They have continued to follow the process that has been established for them and have excelled during this time.

What is the focus for the winter period?

We want to finish strong this fall. As I said before, make every day count. Once we return after the holiday’s there is minimal time to prepare for the season. It is critical that we leave campus at semester in a great physical and mental state of mind and be ultra focused when we return. I really can’t wait to get started.

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