More 2009 Schedules Released

We have come across nine schedules for Wednesday from across the Internet. The full list is available after the jump.

2009 Troy Schedule
2009 Miami (OH) Schedule
2009 Stetson Schedule
2009 Brown Schedule
2009 Tennessee Schedule
2009 South Dakota State Schedule
2009 University of Central Arkansas Schedule
2009 USC Schedule
2009 Butler Schedule

  • Donald J. Boyles


    It is interesting to note how the Brown Bears are starting a week later than most schools. The regular season starts the 20th and they are opening up the 27th.

    Another side note;

    Texas might have more 4 game weekend series this year than in the past.

  • Brian Foley

    The Ivy League rules state that they must start later in the year. It is a stupid rule.

  • Donald J. Boyles

    Do you now what the thought process here be starting a week later??

  • Brian Foley

    The players are in college to go to school not play sports. The Ivy League always withholds their teams a week or two depending on the sport.

  • Donald J. Boyles

    Easy Brian

    Just asking a simple question.