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ESPN To Air SEC Baseball in 2010

As a part of the US$2.5 Billion, 15-year all-sports television package announced today, ESPN and the Southeastern Conference announced that college baseball will become a regular feature on the world’s largest and most influential sports network.  The official press release gave some pause, as only the SEC tournament appears to be guaranteed air time.  Additionally, at least 3 softball or baseball games will air on the main channels (ESPN and ESPN2); however, Kendall Rogers of has revealed that it is intended that ESPNU will air several regular season games.  All SEC tournament games will appear on the network.

Although the details are not fully known at this point, the multimedia wave that comes with the ESPN brand indicates that baseball will be coming to national TV on HD on a regular basis.  In other news, ESPN has announced that ESPNU will become a High Definition channel beginning this Thursday with the Vanderbilt – Miami (OH) football game at 7:30 pm Eastern.

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