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Could Jordan Danks be headed back to Texas?

#15 Jordan Danks- Picture by Donald J Boyles

#15 Jordan Danks- Picture by Donald J Boyles

The last day a MLB team can sign one of their draft picks is this Friday August 15th by Midnight. Jordan Danks and the Chicago White Sox are at a standstill over bonus money. (Baseball Prospectus reported that he signed a contract which was posted on this very site. The report was erroneous.) Jordan wants 2nd round money and the White Sox are hesitant to give him 2nd round money. Alan Trubow of the Austin American Statesman has written an article this evening talking with the Danks about this very subject.

“They’ve got about 72 hours if they want him,” Danks’ father, John Danks, said. “If they don’t want him they can stand where they are. Somebody is going to blink. It seems like they’re waiting for us to do it. Well, that’s not going to happen. We’re not going to blink.” FULL STORY

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