The College Baseball Blog would like to announce that Mark Rafferty has been promoted to the Assistant Editor role. Mark came to our site late in the season where he covered the Fullerton Regional and Super Regionals. He has decided to accept my offer to become the Assistant Editor after some intense contract negotations. This is big news for our site as it will help out with our coverage when I am working or not available to make some changes to the site. He can be contacted by clicking here or on his name in the writers section.

  • http://tbirdbaseball.net/ Bob Broughton

    About those “intense contract negotiations”: How did you resolve Mark’s demand that he be supplied with doughnuts five days a week?

  • http://thecollegebaseballblog.com Brian Foley

    We don’t release the details of negotiations!!!

  • Mark Rafferty

    Unlike Foley and the rest of the Northeast, I don’t rely on Dunkin Donuts to get my day started. I could use a College Baseball Blog seat cushion for all these games I’ll be sitting at.