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Stay Classy Mike!

The Florida State Seminoles lost today to the University of Miami (FL) 7-5 to end the FSU season without a National Title. Earlier this season, FSU and Miami (FL) had a bench clearing incident at the end of the ACC series. The incident started when the Seminoles showed poor sportsmanship by not coming out at the end of the game which caused a reaction from the UM players to get the FSU players out. (Full Article about incident available here.) Today, both teams came out of the dugout with the FSU players and UM players shaking hands without incident. Miami (FL) head coach Jim Morris and his assistants were standing at home plate waiting for Mike Martin Sr and his staff to come out of the dugout but it never happened.

I know Mike Martin Sr. is one of the top coaches in the country but this is an absolute joke that he will not come out and shake hands with Jim Morris. You really expect your kids to win and lose with class when you as a head coach continue to hold a grudge against your rival school. How much of an effort does it take to go out and congratulate the Hurricanes on winning a game? These teams will be meeting next year and every year in the future as members of the ACC so Martin better lose his grudges. Do you think Martin should have at least came out and shook hands with Morris?

The biggest issue this shows me that Mike Martin Sr. believes that he is more important to FSU then representing the university in a classy manner. He believes that the name on the back of his jersey is more important then the name across his chest. That is just wrong and he should be reprimanded by the FSU administration for his lack of class.

  • awillert

    Absolutely. Jim Morris is a legend of a coach as well. There is no reason Martin should feel superior or hold a grudge at all. FSU is simply an inferior institution to the University of Miami. He should know that.

  • Seriously, the Bigger man came out of the dugout. End of Story.

  • Mark Rafferty

    Pat Murphy is not impressed.

  • I guess we are starting to see some real classy coaches in College Baseball.

  • This kind of immaturity is just dopey. There’s no difference between staging a fight and saying boys will be boys and showing poor sportsmanship. Ron Polk may have been one surly SOB who got tossed from his fair share of games, but at least he did his best to grow the sport. What we’ve seen out of two of the top coaches in baseball this past week will do nothing of the sort.

  • Agreed

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  • Bryan Young

    Miss Manners / Emily Post says: Poor Sport. Show some class and humility. You made it to the College World Series. You might not like the outcome or the result but the proper thing to do is say congratulations to the victor.

  • Martin has held this ridiculous grudge so long, all it does is make him look like a buffoon. The more FSU embarrassment, the better.

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