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College Players Dominate Top of Draft

Although High Schoolers Tim Beckham, Eric Hosmer and Kyle Skipworth were chosen 1st (Tampa), 3rd (Royals) and 6th (Marlins), College platers dominated the top of the draft on Thursday.  Leading the way were a crop of powerful position players, including an inordinate number of 1st basemen and a distinct lack of pitchers. 

Of the first 27 players taken in the draft, 20 were from the college ranks.  Interestingly enough, 15 of the first 18 players selected were position players, a rare split in a first year player draft.  But this was a crop of talented bats, with 11 catchers, firstbasemen and third sackers of those first 18 picks.

College Players Drafted in the First and Sandwich Rounds:

2.  Alvarez, Pedro (Vanderbilt)

4.   Matusz, Brian (San Diego)

5.  Posey, Buster (FSU)

7.  Alonso, Yonder (Miami)

8.  Beckham, Gordon (Georgia)

9.  Crow, Aaron (Missouri)

10.  Castro, Jason (Stanford)

11.  Smoak, Justin (South Carolina)

12.  Weeks, Jemile (Miami)

13.  Wallace, Brett (Arizona State)

17.  Cooper, David (UC Berkeley)

18.  Davis, Ike (Arizona State)

19.  Cashner, Andrew (Texas Christian)

20.  Fields, Joshua (Georgia)

21.  Perry, Ryan (Arizona)

22.  Havens, Reese (South Carolina)

23.  Dykstra, Allan (Wake Forest)

25.  Friedrich, Christian (Eastern Kentucky)

26.  Schlereth, Daniel (Arizona)

27.  Gutierrez, Carlos (Miami)

29.  Chisenhall, Lonnie (Pitt CC – JuCo)

31.  Hunt, Shooter (Tulane)

33.  Holt, Bradley (UNC – Wilmington)

35.  Frederickson, Evan (San Francisco)

37.  Gillaspie, Conor (Wichita State)

39.  Lynn, Lance (Ole Miss)

41.  Flaherty, Ryan (Vanderbilt)

43.  Miley, Wade (Southeastern LA)

44.  Bleich, Jeremy (Stanford)

45.  Price, Bryan (Rice)

46.  Forsythe, John (AR – Fayetteville)



Updated: June 5, 2008 — 10:20 pm
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