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CBB Predictions for the CWS

I asked all our writers for their thoughts on what teams would make the College World Series in Omaha. Our writers have some interesting views of the Tournament with some people picking Dallas Baptist to make it to Omaha which would be a huge shocker for me.

Bryan Young’s Predictions

Miami defeats either Arizona or Michigan. Too much firepower. Arizona’s pitching might keep them in the game for a while but Michigan would just get blown out of the water.

Georgia Tech. Strange bracket I know nothing about. Just a hunch based on some stuff that I have read. Throwing darts at a board.

Cal State Fullerton. Easy, they never lose at home. A double elimination affair. Forget about it. Book your Omaha rooms now CSF fans.

Florida State. I wish people would confuse Florida and Florida State as much as they do Arizona and Arizona State, but let’s return to the current situation. No way anyone from the Oklahoma State bracket goes into Tallahassee and takes two of three.

North Carolina versus Coastal Carolina to go to Omaha. A lot of Carolina love with this tournament. I’m going with North Carolina because of the uniforms.

I’ve got a scrappy UC Irvine team ending the hot run that LSU has been on of late. I know the LSU fans love to party in Omaha, but I’ve got them cheering for the Ant Eaters instead of their own boys.

IL – Chicago. Just kidding. Dallas Baptist. Nice story, kind of like Rudy. Independent does great. But I don’t see any of those teams taking out Rice.

Arizona State. Home team favoritism and bias. Huge offense that never gives up. Six losses at home in two years (two of them to Oregon State in one weekend earlier this year). No way they lose another two games at home this weekend or next.

Brent Blough’s Predictions

Miami…A fired up team with incredible talent, (Hernandez, Gutierrez, Jackson, Weeks and Tekotte) will continue their winning ways even against Arizona’s incredible pitching.

South Carolina…IF the Gamecocks bats can get to NC State’s pitchers in the regionals, their power will lead them to Omaha.

Cal State Fullerton…They share the conference title with the Dirtbags, in a tough Big West Conference. The Titans seem to have a swagger when they play at Goodwin Field. If they play their usual style of ball, you’ll see the Titans again in Omaha.

Wichita State…I’m not sure why I have them moving on to Omaha over Florida State. They play in a weak conference but, I like their chances with a good pitching staff led by a great coach.

North Carolina…This team took 2 of 3 at #1 Miami and 2 of 3 against Florida State. They’ve been consistent all year. They’ve got the pieces to run the table.

UC Irvine…UCI’s armed with two of the nation’s best, in starting pitcher Gorgen and closer Pettis. This is a team that loves to run and has played one of the tougher schedules in nation as is still standing tall. BONUS: Coach Gillespie flat out knows how to win.

Rice…Much like CSF, Rice is happy at home and their record shows it. They dominated their conference and I see them doing much the same.

Arizona State…This team can be down by nearly double digits in the 9th inning and still come out with a win. The offense is incredible with Wallace, Davis, Kipnis, Paramore and Mike Leake, who happens to be their #1 pitcher, can also swing the bat. If Wallace shows up and their pitching can keep them within reach, they’re a shoe-in for the title game.

Aman Reaka’s Predictions

Miami beats Michigan
Georgia squeaks by S. Carolina
CS Fullerton kills Stanford
OK St. beats Florida St.
UNC rolls Coastal
LSU rolls Nebraska
A&M barely gets by Texas
Az. St. barely gets by San Diego

Sam Wasson’s Predictions

Miami, FL
Dallas Baptist

Winner: ASU over Miami (FL) after the Hurricanes take out the Seminoles in the CWS.

NYDore’s Predictions

OK State


LSU and Fullerton for the title and LSU takes it home. Right now, there is no more lethal and graced team in college baseball. 16 of their wins in the 20 game streak are come from behind and thinking you can’t lose is a big big factor in actually pulling games out.

Donald Boyles Predictions

Miami out of the Coral Cables
South Carolina out of the Athens Super Regional
Florida State out of Tallahassee
Cal-State Fullerton
Arizona State from Tempe
North Carolina

Championship Series: North Carolina Vs. Miami- Carolina in 3

Brian Foley’s Predictions

Miami (FL) gets out of the tough regional and cruises over the Arizona/Michigan winner to head back to Omaha.

Georgia makes it to Omaha behind the big bat of Beckham.

Cal-State Fullerton makes it to Omaha with a very easy draw.

OK State upsets the Seminoles in Tallahassee.

UNC continues their dominance in the NCAA Tourney.

LSU stays hot with a trip to Omaha.

Rice brings Wayne Graham to Omaha again.

Arizona State makes it to Omaha behind the strong hitting.

Final Predictions: LSU edges Miami (FL) in three games.

  • Hard to like even getting one victory out of the Northeast, with the possible exception of Stony Brook.

    Rider will be overmatched, as will Bucknell, although they could get one well-pitched game.

    The pressure is on St. John’s to prove they are not regular season Tigers only, but with a six game post-season losing streak, expect to see it hit eight.

    I doubt the Red Storm will get cute this time, so expect Howser finalist George Brown to get a start along with Scott Barnes.

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