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UMass facing some challenges

The University of Massachusetts baseball program has turned into a bottom feeder in the A-10 and Mike Stone is using the excuse that he has to compete against better programs now with the addition of Charlotte being added to the A-10 recently. I personally think that UMass needs to look at the program at the top since the team has noone that will be drafted this upcoming year and the recruiting needs to step up. Mike Stone complained in a recent Boston Herald article that he only has 2.3 scholarships per class but that comes out to 9.2 scholarships for the entire team. The maximum he can have on the team is 11.7 scholarships so this should not be a huge issue for Stone at UMass. He also brings up the fact that the UMass program needs to build a new facility which I agree with since we could not even get a press box seat when we attended a UMass game a few months ago. The full article from the Boston Herald is available here.

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