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CBB Editorial: Thoughts on the FSU/Miami (FL) Incident

Eric Sorenson of CSTV and many sources around the internet are talking about the great series that took place this past weekend between FSU and Miami (FL). The Hurricanes were able to win the first and last games of the series to get the win. The biggest thing that came out of the weekend was the near brawl between the two squads after Sunday’s game which was called after seven innings due to the old curfew rule. At the end of the seventh inning, the umps called the game because it was after the curfew which was set up before the game. Mike Martin Jr. who coaches third base for the Seminoles made a comment to the Miami bench which led to both benches clearing and nothing actually happening. According to CBB friend Eric Sorensen both Mike Martin Sr. and Jim Morris were nowhere around the situation to hold their teams back. Seriously, What were the head coaches doing? They did not acknowledge each other before the game and did not shake hands which is customary. I say Grow up guys and it is only a game…Who cares if they are your chief rival. The two teams did not even shake hands after this intense series. Sorensen’s recap is available here. We have found the video of the incident. The celebration by the Miami team is not excessive since they did beat the top team in the country. It seems the incident got more heated when the Noles would not shake hands. You can check out the full video by clicking here.

I think the ACC should step in and suspend both coaches for the upcoming weekend to make a statement that this type of behavior is not tolerated in the conference. What do you think should be done about this incident?

After the game, FSU head coach Mike Martin Sr. thinks that the coaching staffs in the ACC should get rid of curfews on Sunday games and start the games much earlier so these curfew games do not come up more often. Martin complains that starting Sunday’s games would have messed up Church service in Tallahassee with people choosing church or baseball. The full article from the Tallahassee Democrat is available here. I just think this is sour grapes again from Martin because he could of started Sunday’s game much earlier but decided against it.

  • No suspensions are needed in this. Nothing really happened. Poor sportsmanship, but at least it didn’t come to fisticuffs. A few of Miami’s players did almost start this entire incident with the way they acted.

  • Really…I think FSU started it by not shaking hands…Remember this is a big rivalry too.

    I have a bias against FSU at least I admit to it….I am just jealous of that school.

  • The first time I saw the video it looked as if FSU had started out to shake hands, then the second time I could clearly see it was just a couple guys picking up bats/helmets near the on-deck circle.

    I’m assuming the Miami reactions were based on the fact that FSU did not end up coming out to shake hands.

  • Same here….

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