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MLB causing trouble with Cape Cod League

Everyone that visits this blog knows I am a big supporter of the Cape Cod Baseball League which is one of the top collegiate summer leagues in the country. MLB has decided to force the CCBL to pay them a rights fee as six of the teams use the same nicknames as MLB teams. Also, MLB wants the teams to buy merchandise from their vendor and sell it at the games instead of using the local vendors who make materials for the teams. The Cape Cod Times has a great article on this topic which can be read here. I think MLB should focus on more important things like cleaning up their own sport.

  • BullysRHman

    charge each mlb scout 100k for a season pass………or they can let milb be over 50% foreigners

  • Timo

    This is ridiculous. The MLB has soo much money, why are they bullying a small league that absolutely needs this small amount of money to survive. The Cape Cod League is a non profit organization with some great baseball, mlb should focus on other issues.

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