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CBB Column: Editorial about MLB Exhibitions

Why does the NCAA allow these MLB Exhibition games against College teams? We are heading into the time period where these games are coming up with FSU playing the Philadelphia Phillies on Tuesday. Should we actually care about these games? Why should we?

I am of the opinion that these MLB teams should be playing spring training games against each other rather then playing against a bunch of college kids which they will dominate based on skill level. How does it help out a young man to step into the box against Josh Beckett for an at-bat when he could be playing against a team like Monmouth? He should be playing against people at the same level as him. The MLB teams will only let their starters get an inning or two of work while taking out the positional starters after an at-bat. The college kids then are stuck playing against a ragtag team of A and AA players which are just out of high school or college that have been through a year of professional baseball.

I know it is a great recruiting advantage to say every year you play against a MLB team which is a thrill for many of the athletes. Do the College teams receive a percentage of the ticket sales or do all the money go directly to MLB? Don’t you think that the University of South Florida could use the gate from $27 for a spring training game instead of the New York Yankees who have a budget over $200 million?

I don’t see Division 1 football programs going to a Pro training camp and playing an Exhibition game or a professional basketball team playing against D-1 basketball teams. So what should be done with these games?

  • Personally, I think these games are great – if done properly.

    It becomes a showplace for college talent to get in front of more eyeballs than usual. Let’s face it, an exhibition between the Red Sox and B.C. will draw more than the Eagles will draw all season at home. If the college kids do well, fans might take the quality of play a little more seriously.

    I do not think I have ever met anyone who, after being exposed to college baseball for the first time, did not admit that the quality of play was better than expected.

  • I had to try to take a stand on this…When your throwing your 4th or 5th best starter in this exhibition game not even giving the MLB players a chance…I find it a little odd.

  • It is a good topic with room for plenty of views.

    I do think the colleges picked need to have a connection to the team though. For example, FSU playing the Marlins or Rays, or a team with a recent “grad” on it to help sell the game. The Rays playing Vandy works here.

    The Sox should be playing BC, the Mets/Yankees could look to St. John’s, Rutgers, Seton Hall, Fordham, Manhattan or Army for a game. (Actually MLB should be working with the service academies to do something every year) A few years ago, Army spent some time in the Yankees camp, using the minor league facilities, etc.

    Plus, if a college kid makes one of the prospects look bad, well, it improves his draft standing some.

  • Chip,

    Here is an issue that came out of the Michigan-Mets game on Tuesday.,0,6400784.story

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