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Forums Launched

We have released our brand-new forums for the College Baseball Blog which are available by clicking the link on the side or clicking here. We would love to have your thoughts on the new forums. Also, What can we do with the site to make it better for our readers? Do we need more writers? More game coverage? How can we get some better sponsors so we can give you guys the best coverage in the nation? Please leave some comments with your thoughts or email us.

Updated: February 17, 2008 — 12:44 pm
  • JQ

    I registered for the forum. I think that is a nice addition. I think it might be best to break it up into regions – Southeast, Midwest, West, Northern. Regarding the front page, I think it might be easier to navigate if it were also divided up into two sections, one for news and one for game results.

    Great work keeping this site updated. I know it is a lot of work. Last night winter came back to Kansas. Three more inches on the ground today. Hard to believe there is less than a week until opening day.

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