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2008 Rivals All-American Team

Rivals national baseball writer Kendall Rogers has put out his 2008 All-American Team which is led by Pedro Alvarez of Vanderbilt. Buster Posey of FSU is named to the first team catcher’s spot in only his second year behind the plate. Miami slugger Yonder Alonso beat out Justin Smoak for the first base position. Filling out the rest of the infield is 2B Blake Stouffer of Texas A&M, Ryan Flaherty and Pedro Alvarez of Vanderbilt. The outfield is Dominic de la Osa of Vanderbilt, Kyle Russell of Texas, and Tommy Baldridge of Coastal Carolina. Brett Wallace of Arizona State picks up the DH spot while Zach Putnam of Michigan is listed as the Utility player. The starting pitchers are Jacob Thompson of Virginia, Preston Guilmet of Arizona, Brian Matusz of San Diego and Lance Lynn of Ole Miss. The relief pitchers are led by switch-pitcher Pat Venditte of Creighton and Cole St. Clair of Rice. The full team with break downs on each player is available here.

  • WakeFan

    >>> Miami slugger Yonder Alonso beat out Justin Smoak for the first base position <<<<

    I may be a bit biased, but I believe I have an argument against both Alonso and Smoak. Allan Dykstra has better overall career stats than both… and then when you compare ACC Game stats (no easy games in ACC) Dykstra’s career stats overshadow Alonso…

    Dykstra has a better OBP ,than both Alonso and Smoak and Alvarez. Only Alvarez has a better SLG%. Looking at some of the top players… Dykstra actually hits HRs more often (one every 12.45 AB’s) than the top players on the 1st team.

    But the real thing to consider is Dykstra’s protection vs the others. Alonso has Raben behind him and Weeks in front. Smoak has Darnell, Alavarez has the whole Vandy team…. Prior to Willy Fox cutting his leg and missing almost a month of the season, Dykstra was hitting .375 Slg .817 OBP .537 and had 12 HRs 50% more than anyone else in the ACC. He was on the leader board of almost every offensive category. Afterwards, he was completely pitched around…

    ALL college Games
    Player 06&07 PA AB AVG 2B 3B HR AB/HR SLG% OPS BB HBP SO OB%
    Pedro Alvarez, 613 512 .359 36 4 40 12.80 .680 1.140 97 1 129 .460
    Allan Dykstra 566 411 .316 32 1 33 12.45 .640 1.119 108 33 65 .479
    Justin Smoak 610 504 .310 34 0 39 12.92 .609 1.027 94 5 79 .418
    Yonder Alonso 577 454 .333 31 1 28 16.21 .590 1.034 96 9 68 .444

    ACC Games Career
    Player 06&07 AVG 2B HR AB/HR TB SLG% OPS BB HBP OB%
    Allan Dykstra .304 16 13 15.69 119 .583 1.050 51 18 .466
    Yonder Alonso .274 14 12 18.25 110 .502 0.895 45 3 .393

  • I love Dykstra…I will give him a second look this season.

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