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Bibb Falk inducted into College Baseball Hall of Fame!

Former Longhorn player and coach Bibb Falk was inducted posthumously into the College Baseball Hall of Fame on Wednesday. Falk was represented at the Lubbock Convention Center ceremony by his niece Clemmie Hext.

“To hear all the baseball stories of Uncle Bibb,” Hext said, “you would have to be somewhere for a long while. He was gruff on the outside but had a heart of gold on the inside, and he touched so many lives. He always had a determined look on his face and a baseball rulebook in his pocket. He was a baseball man through and through but a wonderful human being. He truly loved all his players – especially the ones who competed on the 1949 and ’50 national championship teams at Texas.”


  • madisonm

    Bibb Falk is my great great uncle! Clemmie Hext is my grandmother!

  • Hello M

    Yes I remember that your Grnadmother mention that Coach Falk was your great great Uncle. Thanks for responding. Take care.

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