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Since there is very little news coming out of the College Baseball World, I thought I would drop some links for your guys to enjoy from They have posted a very nice article about the 2007 Recruiting Classes. I also have found a link to an article from them about the top 100 prospects from the CCBL from this past summer. I think the ratings are little off since I did not see the CCBL Co-Pitcher of the Year in the Top 100 in Terry Doyle (maybe I missed his name). I have also linked the Baseball America Top 30 from the CCBL also.

Top Recruiting Classes
CCBL Prospects for 2007 Draft from Perfect Game
2007 Draft Candidates from Baseball America

I am currently working on a season preview that should be ready in January so look forward to that.

  • NHDadUmp

    Number 40 in CCBL top 100 list, #33 in Prospects Plus top 200 college players for the 2007 draft.

  • Zlax45

    I knew I missed it…

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