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What happened to you?

There is a very good article from Boyd’s World on the programs that have been cut over the years including my old Favorite team in Providence College. He talks about how back in the 50’s it was not that difficult to make it to Omaha as each region had their own qualification standards back in those days thus the reason why Boston College and Holy Cross both made appearances in the CWS. Hopefully a Northeast team can make it back there sooner rather then later.

The article is available here.

  • Cody Thrasher

    I’m an fan of Oregon football and basketball, and I would definitely love to see them get baseball back.

    That was a very good read by the way!

  • Southern Miss Alum

    Interesting. It’s one thing for a school to cut a program that has been mediocre or worse. It’s a shame to see a program that was as good as Tulsa’s get the axe. Wonder how they would have fared in today’s C-USA, against Rice, Tulane, etc.?

  • Zlax45

    I was a fan of Providence College and they were becoming a Northeast power making the NCAA in like 3 out of 5 years with very little scholarships. I am still devastated to this day that the program got cut and every time I drive by the field I remember that team. A first round pick in Keith Reed who has made it to the majors with the Orioles and many other solid players.

    That team had so many tough guys on it that they had a bench clearing incident in an elimination game in 1999 which they were down 7-1 in the sixth inning when a Jacksonville player got hit by a pitch and both benches emptied. PC went on to win the game in the bottom of the tenth with a home run from Neal McCarthy…Just so many good memories of watching those games on the comp.

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